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New Season Coming June of 2016!

Live Performances, New Artists, More Interviews!!!

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                  L.A. Indie Radio

with your host Biajani

L.A. Indie is a radio station now turning into a live youtube show.

 Our mission is to highlight true talent by keeping the listener updated with the music, touring and the life of independent artists.

We are dedicated to promoting a diverse range of music from emerging bands, artists and producers.  For the past year we have broadcasted on the Red Guerrilla Network, archiving shows on SoundCloud. However we felt just having a radio show wasn’t enough for artists and wanted to give the listener more.


 Lets face it there is nothing like experiencing the music- seeing, hearing and absorbing a live show-with that L.A. Indie Live was born.


Starting in May of 2016 L.A. Indie Live will be streaming live shows in the new Red Guerrilla Network Studio in Burbank CA with a live audience. Get to know unsigned indie artists on our new you tube channel LA Indie Live

 From our Youtube channel the artists will have the opportunity to play live shows on a live PA connected to a 24-channel board in a furnished staged room. We will also conduct an interview with the featured artists.